we are hunters

Do you think about me


no but sousuke going to fuck with makoto since haru “messed” with rin like sousuke gets all friendly with mako like “oh i’ve been scouted you should put yourself out there too you’re a strong swimmer that’s something to think about for after you graduate” and makoto being all embarrassed while haru is just like “no the fuck this bitch did not”


makorin more like OTP: captain status




eren and jean really need to work on their communication skills

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Job interviewer: do u ship erejean
Me: hell yeah
Job interviewer: hell yeah


Look at these douchebags!

Inspired by this fic by jaegerbait (pretend that this is one of the pics they find on their phones the next day).


mikasasha icons  for sleepy-maii (aka. my sasha :D)

you’re free to use them as long as you properly credit me / don’t repost them


Sometimes the memories are more important than the proof

Shout out to everyone in the EreJean fandom who have been hit with this wave of nasty hate. You guys are awesome for pushing through the bs and continuing to share your beautiful work no matter what. <3



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